Quality management

Company policy

Our aim is to fulfill the needs of our customers with reliable products, services, competent advice and faultless order processing.

We supply our customers with a control unit which is constructed according to the latest state of technology and in accordance with the relevant safety regulations due to our intensive search for new products.

That means:

  • With our behavior and daily effort we would like to win and maintain the confidence and appreciation of our business partners
  • Quality agreements which we make with customers and providers are obligatory
  • Avoiding mistakes
  • Our employees are competent, efficient and serious
  • Fair margin
  • Confirmed agreements are obligatory
  • To provide means for the development of the company
  • Continuous improvement of our processes, products and services
  • Health and safety protection of our employees is very important
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Our actions should be in accordance with the environment and according to ethic principles

How does our company accomplish and secure quality?

  • Constant promotion of quality consciousness by management at all levels
  • Perfectly trained and motivated staff
  • Cost reduction through the avoidance of errors
  • Our team is 100% proficient in what we recommend, sell and produce
  • Collaboration with our partners
  • Integration of our suppliers and contractors into the QM system
  • Regular checking and adaptation of quality targets
  • Immediate measures and annual management reviews

ISO 9001 quality assurance

Our company was awarded the SN EN ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate as long ago as 1997.

Quality management

ISO 9001 certified management system

ISO 9001