Technical data and components

Supply voltage

SMS 2000 operates with 24V DC or 230V DC.

Signal inputs

An incremental pulse transmitter attaches to the drive shaft or to the drive wheel. A solenoid switch (pulse/wheel rotation) is affixed to the running gear.

Four bi-stable solenoid switches defining configurable supervised zones are switched with permanent magnets.

Bi-directional activation of up to three supervised zones.

Control outputs

Four enforced relay contacts impact on brakes, controller disable blocks, rail brakes etc. to shut off the system safely and reliably.

System specific programming

SMS 2000 is a flexible, software controlled device that can be programmed with a conventional computer (PC) and the delivered software. Programs can be adjusted and modified by the user to create system specific control algorithms.

SMS 2000 features a digital liquid crystal display (LCD) that presents all the essential values at the press of a button.